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Sabtu, 01 Juni 2013

Katalog V-1000 Series

V-1000B Series

V-1000B Frame

V-1000B Frame
  • Desktop cabinet with mounting space for 10 modules.
  • Front access to module sockets.
  • Card connectors and main buses for plug in modules eliminate complicated wiring.
  • Usable as a frame for a multi-channel preamplifier.
  • Two V-1001B panels are provided as Standard equipment with the V-1000B.
V-1001B Blank Panel, Single Width
  • V-1001B Blank Panel, Single Width
V-1005B Microphone Input Module
  • Allows DIN or phone plugs to be inserted from the front of mixer power amplifiers.
V-1014B Alarm Signal Module
  • Siren, yelp and buzzer signals available.
  • Red signal LED and green paging ready LED.
  • Semi-fixed output level control and sounding time.

V-1015B Chime Module
  • Switchable 2-tone chime or single gong tone.
  • Red signal LED and Green paging ready LED.
V-1016B Alarm Signal Module
  • 2-tone alarm signal with adjustable frequency switching speed.
  • Red signal LED and Green paging ready LED.
  • Semi-fixed output level and sounding time.
V-1022B Preamplifier Module for Wireless Tuner
  • Can receive radio wave from wireless mic when used with optional WTU-761 wireless tuner with carrier squelch control.
  • Semi-fixed output level control.
  • 6 user programmable functions activated by squelch opening.
  • In-use indicator.

V-1054B Auxiliary Input Module
  • Semi-fixed volume control for adjusting the output level during normal and priority muting operations.
  • Electrically balanced output

V-1061B Program Selector Module
  • 4 selector buttons and 1 reset button for easy handling.
  • Program selectable from 4 inputs.
  • Balanced and unbalanced outputs provided.
  • Muting function available on unbalanced output line.

V-1062B 5-Zone Selector Module
  • 2-in / 5-out zone selector remotely controlled from a microphone.
  • An override function for emergency paging.
  • Green and red LEDs indicate the zone selection status.

V-1068B Multi-Purpose Relay Module
  • By changing jumper connections, functions such as standby amp switchover, program or broadcast zone selection and mic precedence are possible.
  • 44-pin card edge connector for up to 6 inputs and 5 outputs.
  • Operation monitoring by 5 dual colour LEDs and 1 red LED.

V-1069B Data Receiver Module
  • Data Receiver Module for use with VR-1010 and VR-1020 remote microphones.
  • Max. 20 outpu controls plus all call.
  • In-use / malfunction remote microphone lamp and unit error lamp.
  • Chime volume control and chime activation switch for internal chime OFF / ON.
  • Program switch (DIP switch 2) enables mics 1 ~ 4 and sets priorities (1st-in-1st-out / Selectable / No priority).
  • Pre-anouncement tone selection jumpers for 2-tone chime, gong or 1-tone chime.
  • Ground jumper may be cut to separate signal ground from chassis ground.
V-1071B Line Amplifier Module
  • Combines preamp signals with no mixing loss.
  • Bass and treble tone controls.
  • LED output level indication.
  • Slide volume control.

V-1072B Line Amplifier Module
  • Combines preamp signals with no mixing loss.
  • Bass and treble tone controls.
  • LED output level indication.
  • Semi-fixed volume control.

V-1082B Power Supply Module
  • Plug-in connection with the V-1000B mixer frame.
  • Supplies 24V DC power to modules in the V-1000B.
  • Protection circuitry for preventing shot circuits.
V-1090B Interface Module
  • Used with YR-1000 (Link cable)
  • Can be used as bus line input or output.
V-1254B Line Input Module
  • Transformer isolated balanced line input.
  • Unbalanced line output.
  • Front panel handle for easy removal.

V-1501B 1 /1 Octave Equaliser Module
  • Mixer power amplifiers to provide feedback suppression, room equalisation and tone control.
  • 7-point 1 / 1 Octave equaliser with 12dB boost and -12dB cut.
  • Semi-fixed level controls help protect settings against tampering.
  • Line control Busy Switch enables the equaliser only during microphone announcements (Bypassing the program source).
  • Equaliser IN / OUT indicator.
  • Compact dimensions.

V-1901B Ground Leakage Monitoring Module
  • Connected speaker line ground leakage monitor for use with the TOA V-1000B Mixer Frame.
  • LED indicates detected ground leakage.
  • Individual test switches permit self-test of irregularities

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  1. Selamat malam, bolehkah saya bertanya, kalau untuk pemutar musik seperti CD, Tape, MP3, dsb. itu modul yang cocok kalau menggunakan TOA V-1000 itu yang mana? Terima kasih.